Aashta Public School Shimla

School Faculty

Our teaching faculty at The Aastha Public School is essential to the learning experience of all boys. Almost all of the teachers live on the campus and all teachers, in and out of the classroom, are actively involved in the co-curricular education offered to each and every boy. Every teacher is assigned a tutorial group and about eight to ten boys. Academic, pastoral and full guidance are all part of the tutors role and the boys benefit immensely. Outings with tutors to explore the Aashta Public School and midterm expeditions strengthen the bonds between the boys and their teachers.

Bentley is committed to supporting the most effective learning through teacher professional development. Annual Fund contributions provide the resources for teachers' professional development, contributing to a vibrant community of teachers and learners.

Sharing their learning with peer teachers and implementing enhanced curriculum and pedagogy into their classrooms, teachers are top professionals who ensure student learning is meaniingful, substantive, and relevant in a dynamic world.

The role of the teachers in an Aashta Public school is that of a facilitator, a person who will guide the students in the right directions. Most of the teaching faculty at Pathways have Masters and PhD. Degree in their specific area of specialization. We hire teachers based on their previous years of experience both in India and abroad. We have expat teachers teaching various subjects in the Middle and Senior School. New teachers are given mentors to train them into the IB methodology of teaching.

 Ashta Public School