Aashta Public School

School Events

The School firmly believes that textual studies are only but a part of the full development of a child and therefore provides a spectrum of in house activities through its program of aashta public school. The main thrust of activities at the Vidyapith are visualized to promote the development of a balanced and harmonious personality of the students including physical, practical, aesthetic, moral and intellectual aspects.

School events and whole school activities help to raise awareness of how to prevent and deal with bullying. Use the suggestions and resources below for whole school events or come up with your own ideas. Check out our lesson plans and class activities for more ideas.

A Special emphasis to provide education at per with the best school and around shimla.low students ratio an with each class of 25 students to ensure personalized attention to each child.The school has been growing in strength and achievements in all directions of educational endeavour from academics to sports, music and dance to computers. Above all there is a focus on value education and a renewed effort to pursue and enrich our basic moral values and cultural heritage coupled with a sense of social responsibility.

The School's auditorium stage looked bright and colourful in the second parent orientation programme wherein students delivered their first performance on the theme 'Triumphant India'. A session was also conducted by Senior Psychologist, cheif gust of the funcation to address the concerns of parents as he gave them useful tips for ‘Parenting in 2018.

 Ashta Public School